The internet has greatly evolved since the days before social media. There's been a homogenization effect, and the neat quirky websites that used to be commonplace are now all but extinct on the surface web.

The amazing thing about the internet has always been that it's a multimedia open sandbox - what you can create on a page is limited mostly by ones ability to code and their imagination. To that effect, the web can also be shaped into whatever form we please. The current corporately-manfucated permutation can be opted out of, and it will continue to grow and enrich the more people contribute to it.

This website is an attempt to that end.

I attempt to provide a list of entertaining websites that encapsulate the spirit and feeling of the old web, or emulate it in some way. Otherwise, the website is a personal project, as so many websites used to be. It is a collection of my personal research on various subjects, a news feed of articles I find to be interesting of importance, and a list of websites that reflect the way the internet was before social media. All sections are designed by me from scratch, graphics created in MS Paint and html hand coded in notepad. Any fancy DHTML used as well as my hit counter are credited in my sourcecode and found at dynamic drive or free-counters.co.uk

the author

This is made purely for my own enjoyment as a collection of things I've read and written, presented in the form of a website. I've been inconsistent in upkeep since initially creating it, though plan to update daily when some chronic health problems hopefully improve.

I am a marxist-lenninist and admit to my bias, though I endeavor to not let that affect my likeliness to post news stories or scientific findings that conflict with my own beliefs. I believe deeply in the Socratic method and am an avid lover of science and philosophy. I created and designed websites as a hobby between 1998-2005, and have been a lifelong avid user of the internet for everything it has to offer at no charge at the click of a button: shareware games and software tools, information about every subject imaginable at a whim, books, a journaling tool, a way to make friends, tv and movies that were often not available in the US, and as a haven from the unpleasantries of the real world.

I support boycotting of the services of Amazon, Google, and Facebook. I attempt to support links to websites and news stories that are unafilliated with these three services, and contain as few ads/intrusions as possible.

Totalitarian technological control of humans via corporates and governments on a planet with its ecosystem in ruins lurks in our future, and it's scaring the hell out of a lot of people. Many others simply live in denial. The present and future, however, are exactly what humanity shape them to be and we can resist this future.